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Youth Connections Unlimited is driven by the mission to advance youth art education for children in underserved communities. 

We do this by developing community arts programs that engage, delight, and educate.

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Youth Connections Unlimited (YCU) was founded in 2004 as a 501c3 with the express purpose of delivering educational and mentoring programs for at-risk and high-risk youth.

In the summer of 2021, the organization changed its management team, and with that, re-focused its mission on delivering art education opportunities for underserved youth.

In July 2021, Youth Connections Unlimited launched its first art-based program, Plein Air Sac.  

And, in October 2021, YCU was launched to organize and promote art auctions that support its mission of providing education experiences to at-risk and high-risk youth.

How it Works

The program consists of two essential and integrated parts --the auctions and the website.


To put on the auctions, first, we curate a body of work around a specific artist or theme. This process may be carried out by groups or individuals who are seeking to auction off a body of work. Another way we go about acquiring works for the show is through an artist call-for-entry.

After the art has been selected, we then look for partner venues where the auction might be held. The selection of the venue is just as critical to the process as the selection of the art itself. When choosing a venue, we look for locations that offer clear viewing of the artworks, ample space for guests to enjoy themselves, and the ability to provide light refreshments.


*If you would like to host a charity art auction, drop us a line by clicking here.


With the artworks and the venue selected, we then turn our attention to the task of securing additional sponsors and partnerships and the all-important task of promoting the auction.


The CharityArtAuctions.Org website serves as a platform to provide essential information and is the marketing hub for the auctions sponsored by Youth Connections Unlimited and its partners. On the website, visitors will be able to view dates, times, locations, and the works that will be up for auction. Attendees of the event will also be able to RSVP for upcoming events.


In addition to the website, Youth Connections Unlimited has secured partnerships with marketing and event professionals in the region who are working diligently to get the word out about the upcoming auctions and to highlight the art on display and the participating artists.



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Donations made support youth art education programs sponsored by Youth Connections Unlimited and does not collect any fees for processing donations for this auction. 


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